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Kind Words from clients & students

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Susan Eichhorn

Maine USA - Author

A friend of mine found a necklace under a stove while renovating. She is in Texas, so sent a picture and asked if I could get a read on it. I didn't want to let her know that, since I lost my husband, I've been in an isolated place and didn't realize it until she made the request. Before his passing, people came to me all the time with objects, and I could read them pretty quickly and didn't want to let my friend down or whine about my grief/frozen state! At the dentist's the next day, when checking out, I showed the photo of the necklace to the dental office lady. I felt she'd know a good psychic that could read this. She smiled and said, "You asked the right person. I know a wonderful psychic. I was skeptical when I made the appointment, but she was very, very good." She wrote Amy's name and told me to check out the website. I made the appointment. I hadn't driven in a long time and was traveling from Prospect Harbor, so left early, held on tight to the wheel and forced myself to drive to Carmel. I got to Carmel early, so called Amy. She graciously said, "Sure, you can come over now." I felt very relaxed as if I were meeting a friend. Her house was filled with light, and so was she! Amy naturally exudes a calm, welcoming energy. At the end of the session, I wondered if she could look at the necklace, but since I was there, I felt nudged to find out why I couldn't move on. Immediately, Amy asked me if I knew a person with an unusual name. I did! I knew exactly who it was and, over the past few days, knew why he came up. His wife, Dee, was my helper, and when my husband was transferred to Austin, she asked if she could come with us as a live-in helper. My daughter was battling something her son had gone through, so she knew exactly the foods to cook, etc. She told me her husband was stuck in time; he had lost custody of his only daughter and kept her bedroom exactly as it was, with the same pink decor and dolls- it was very sad. He was frozen from the trauma like I am now, but I know, since I saw the room, it was quite sad, with unopened birthday gifts, etc. He said, "I am keeping it like this because someday she will come over and see I never forgot her." I hope they have reunited; this was over a decade ago. Losing contact with his only child was unbearable and he was emotionally withdrawn and unfortunately took it out on Dee. When Amy said his unusual name, that moment clicked. I felt sad for him and knew from his second wife, Dee, that he was emotionally in a bad place for many years. When Amy said his name, I realized it came through as a prompt for me not to get stuck in time like he did. And I have been. Frozen. If he hadn't returned to Brazil, I'd insist he see Amy! Amy accurately reached my mother and grandmother and predicted a future in a place I had planned to visit- two places! She saw wooden ships, and a friend of mine used to own an antique wooden yacht, he is very important in my life. He went to college with my late father, an artist who painted ships and oceanscapes sold at a gallery in Ogunquit. My son paints huge Viking ships, which are very dramatic on canvas. She also picked up on my love of antique cars. I have one but haven't brought it to any shows in years. So I felt like it was my late husband perhaps urging me to go; I loved going to them but not alone. She saw interesting things about cars, races, etc. That resonated, too. She saw that I was building up generational revenue for my adult children, which I am doing by renovating a 1900s house by the sea. At last I showed her the necklace and she picked up information I passed on to my friend in Texas. I told my friend it's a magical necklace because I didn't tell anyone but I've been going through an odd period of being stuck, not wanting to go out, afraid to drive, all sorts of things unlike my former self. To be a good friend to my friend who asked me to read the necklace, I found Amy, left her house feeling hopeful and before I knew it was admiring the beautiful trees and sparkling sea and no fear at all driving home. Amy kickstarted my new life and I am grateful. She is a lovely person. My friend who sent the necklace was moved by the effort I put in for her, didn't know 5 years later I was still trying to overcome grief. We felt the necklace was the prompt from the gracious spirit who owned it to meet Amy who, in turn picked up psychically just what was needed. I am now hopeful, looking at life in a philosophical way, through a different prism, making plans with friends, so highly recommend this lovely person named Amy!

olivia M.jpeg

Olivia M.

How amazing seeing a Psychic is!  I just wanted to share with my adoptive DAD how the psychic knew about how he was bleeding out his side, and she had a message for me that I saved his life. I realized it’s true. Without me, the medical team didn’t realize something was wrong- and because I was intuned with my dads non verbal body language, since he couldn’t speak with the tube down his throat, I could tell he was gesturing something was wrong. No one else received the gesture. But luckily, I convinced the medical team this is what he was saying- turns out his lung has collapsed and he was having blood pooling due to post open heart complications. I saved my dads life that day, and I didn’t even know it. Until this random psychic lady told me she was picturing someone bleeding out of their side and I saved their life.  All I wanted was to share about the psychic reading with my family and celebrate how interesting this was.  Just like my Maternal grandmother from the beyond relayed to me today- keep enjoying my SOVEREIGNTY!


Maine, USA

Charlene C.

Gaining insights and seemingly unattainable information that will bring us answers to our questions about life (and death) is why most of us seek out a psychic medium. What I gained from working with Amy has become so much more than that to me, my life and the paths that I've chosen to take. Through her words, filled with forethought and deeply rooted in her connection to all things spiritual, I found the guidance and support that led me to a life I never dreamed possible. Her ability to fine tune her messages, so that they are not only clear, but trackable, can at times be seem unbelievable. You learn quickly to memorize and trust what she says and watch for the signs that she sets along your path. As you open yourself to her energy and her knowledge you will find yourself shaking your head in disbelief as prediction after prediction becomes a reality; guidance transforms into intention and the positive flow of your life's energy becomes as much a part of you as the air you breathe. Amy is strong, kind, and absolutely the real deal. If you are looking for guidance, a connection to the beyond or your deeper self, seeking her out is quite possibly the best way to get you there. I highly recommend her and am very grateful that she came into my life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


Maine, USA

Laura Maguire

I started my current chapter of spiritual growth and healing with Amy back in May of 2019 when I attended one of her small group Evenings with Spirit at Sacred Core. During that session, I had powerful messages come through and I knew I had found the guidance I was looking for at the time. I also received (not from Amy) my Reiki level 1 attunement in June and my level 2 attunement in July. After the "training", I felt confused and like I did not have a true understanding of Reiki and how it would fit into my life. Over the next few months, I had a couple of private readings with Amy that brought more healing connections with Spirit. In February of 2020, I attended one of Amy's Goddess on the Rise workshops and at that time, I experienced a Theta Healing session with Amy and knew right then, I was on a very important path in which Amy was to be my guide. That October, I began my Reiki training with Amy and in May of 2021, I received my Master level attunement. The work I have done with Amy has been completely tailored to my needs and has been a beautiful combination of healing and clearing old contracts and karma and learning new skill sets. Amy has a beautiful way of teaching with intuition and love and I truly value all that she has done for me, and in turn, for my family. I am happy to say that my healing and growth continues to evolve and I know that Amy is always there to help with my questions and any other needs as they come up. I could not have asked for a better mentor and I am so grateful. Whether you are looking to connect with Spirit for an intuitive reading, getting some energetic clearing, or training in Reiki healing yourself, I would highly recommend Amy as the person to assist you with that.     

liza clark.jpg

Maine, USA

Liza Bowles

Amy is absolutely amazing! I contacted her with questions for my future and she was incredibly accurate on what my life entailed now and people from afar. I was left with such strength and followed her directions to find more doors opened for me than I ever imagined possible. I can not recommend her enough, to those who are non believers in this phenomenon, you will not be after speaking with her.       


Maine, USA

Sarah Thayer

  I contacted Amy in the hopes of finding closure for my best friend- we were coming up on the 10th anniversary of her loved ones tragic death -that she had been deeply affected by. After 10 years she still felt guilt and shame for the loss and was unable to truly find peace in order to begin healing. Amy immediately agreed to come to my home and read myself and my best friend. She arrived on time and instantly put us at ease with her calm and warm demeanor. She barely sat down and began getting reads on us both.  There were moments I sat there in awe... She knew details that were impossible to 'guess'... After a while we finally began to get into the tough stuff... My friends loved one finally came through. She was able to relay his message of love and the knowledge that he was finally at peace and that he did in fact send her signs... In the time Amy sat with us we laughed; we cried and both my friend and I were able to began healing from losing our loved ones- and look forward to things that we believe are in our futures... It was a life changing experience to meet Amy... So much so that I brought her back over another time months later to help another friend move passed a traumatic event... She has given my heart pieces back that were missing and allowed me witness two of the people closest to me began to heal. Her gift is real- her purpose is clear... She is truly an angel sent here to help those that are lucky enough to cross paths with her.      

lynn robinson.jpg

Maine, USA

Lynn Kukak

This Lady is ABSOLUTELY "AMAZING" and I say that as an understatement. I was a NON-BELIEVER and then went through a very traumatic time in my life and needed answers/closure. Amy and I were unable to meet in person and I opted to accept a reading over the phone. I was now even more of a skeptic and pretty sure this was a crazy idea. 
I agreed to keep an open mind and made sure I was in a quiet area with no disruptions (very important by the way) From the minute Amy began to speak I knew instantly she was the "real deal"! I was careful not to tell Amy my reasons for the reading. She immediately picked up on EVERYTHING and I mean everything! She knew things nobody could possibly have known. Unless she truly was speaking to the spirit guides. You can all chose to believe or not believe but I will tell you I am a BELIEVER now. I am not saying all of those who claim to have the ability are real however, I promise you Amy is! If you really want a true accurate reading, do not hesitate. You will not be disappointed. I am living proof.


Maine, USA

Angel Cota

I first met Amy at a medium reading that I attended with my sister in law, I immediately felt calm upon entering Amy’s home. I was going through a nasty divorce that was taking a toll on myself and my children. The first time I felt utter peace in about a year was the moment I crossed her threshold. During the reading Amy kept talking about my son who was suffering the most through the divorce, she would keep going back to his stomach aches, caused by stress and anxiety, Brody wasn’t sleeping he wasn’t a 10 year old boy anymore. Amy suggested Reiki as a way to help Brody realign and possibly relax. At this point I would try anything, therapy and meds were only a band aid and they weren’t always successful. 
Fast forward to a few weeks later…Brody’s reiki appointment. I explained it to Brody, he was less than excited as any typical angry kid would be. After explaining that he wasn’t getting out of it and he was going to do Brody begrudgingly went. He was polite yet reserved, Amy’s kindness won him over. As Brody got on the table, I sat there like a nervous mother hen, watching for the slightest indication that it was too much for him, that he was too uncomfortable to stay, ready to pull the plug the minute he twitched, but he didn’t I watched Brody’s entire body relax, I could literally see the tension melt from his muscles. The reiki session took about 45 minutes, during which Brody fell asleep, that’s right he fell asleep! Brody hadn’t slept for any amount of time without medication in months! After the session when Amy and I were talking and Brody was getting up, I kept my eyes on him looking for any indication that he needed me, I was stunned that his posture was different, relaxed and no longer rigid like he was holding himself together, his facial expression was calm and almost innocent looking again. We thanked Amy and left with hugs, Amy let Brody know that he needed to drink lots of water and that he’d probably be very tired tonight but be energetic tomorrow. I was already sold on doing this again for Brody, just from seeing the relaxation, but the real defining moment for me was when we were backing out of Amy’s driveway joking about something my son wrapped his arms around his belly and giggled. Music to my ears! I hadn’t heard the innocent sweet sound of that giggle in a year! In just one session Amy gave Brody back some peace, Amy gave me back my little boy. And in the time since Brody has been going to Amy he now recognizes when he needs a session and because of his talks with Amy about spirit and his dreams he has become less afraid to sleep. His anxiety is more manageable, Amy has also taught Brody some self care techniques that I believe has allowed Brody to be more comfortable in his own skin and to be better able to deal with difficult situations. Brody’s therapist also became Reiki trained after seeing the positive changes in Brody.
I would and have recommended Amy to anyone who will listen to me.

james .jpg

New Jersey, USA

James Keirnan

I came across Amy's ULU Facebook group and decided to join. I read some of her responses and was drawn to her energy and felt a connection. We exchanged comments with each other on the site especially when doing a read on a picture on the site. I was instantly drawn to her energy and could sense or  nudge to connect with her.  She portrayed a loving ,caring energy. I felt an instant connection with her as a teacher.  I had a reading done with her over the phone. She was caring and very accurate. It was a great reading. She never rushed it and she made it a two way conversation.I felt an instant connection with her. Something urged me to connect with her. I could feel her energy and how she cared for her clients. I felt a very strong teacher persona with her. She gave me great insight on the questions I asked her. She knew I was going through a tough time. She followed up with me a week later to check up on me. She gave me two Reiki attunements out of the generosity of her heart to make sure I was given energy to make it through the hard trials of life I was going through. I was blown away. Not only did she follow up with me but she offered two services for me . That shows the generosity and loving heart that she has.The two Reiki attunements gave me energy and a renewed sense of hope to get through my tough days. I would not be in a positive place in my life nor would I think I would still be on physical plane if it wasn't for her. She truly saved my life and I am indebted to her for her kindness, love and generosityShe made me feel comfortable and explained everything in detail. The energy she brings is caring and of a loving nature. She truly is an angel from heaven. She is doing important work here in helping and changing people's livesI would highly recommend her to friends and family. I can not stress enough how valuable her services are and how she sheds her light in the world as a light worker. She is making a difference in the world. She does it out of her heart and she doesn't treat you as a paycheck. She has a genuine concern for your well being. She is a rare find. She is a very precious person in this world. She is dedicated and her readings are outstanding. I fully trust Amy and have nothing but admiration , love and respect for her.

beth tubbs.jpg

Maine, USA

Beth Carroll

I have been a Physical Therapist for 20 yrs., trained in CST and Reiki. I was always drawn to Amy and her energy. When I learned that she was  Psychic Medium and an RMT. I was fascinated! I have earned my Reiki Master Certification with Amy and the validation that she has given me has helped me believe that there is truly something bigger than us. <y life has truly become happier and less stressful because of the tools she has taught me about putting out in the Universe what it is that you want and need and to always be grateful for those things. Amy is extremely friendly and I am always at ease around her. She has always been extremely accurate with her readings ( even if they didn't make sense at the time) and her Reiki treatment have been top notch. If you have the opportunity to meet and either get a reading or a treatment from amy then consider yourself lucky because you just took the right step in bettering your life!

vicky crocker.jpg

Maine, USA

Vicky Crocker

I went to see Amy in hopes to get closure and peace and that's exactly what she did. There were many surprises and happy moments. She is so easy to talk to and makes the experience so peaceful and special.

carianne braley.jpg

Florida, USA

Carianne Braley

I'm originally from Bangor Maine but I've lived in Florida for over 25 years.
I'm a plus size model I also have a degree in elementary education . You can find me on Facebook at Carianne braley plus size model.
Amy and I went to elementary school together prior to moving to to Florida when I was a teenager.  We were able to reconnect through Facebook years ago and have been following Amy, her life choices and where she was in life ,like we do most people that we went to school .
I wasn't surprise to see the Amy was into helping people.
I got into modeling this year and it is been a whirlwind. I have been blessed with so many amazing opportunities and my career has taken off.
I looked to Amy for guidance after my first runway show because I was at a place in my life where it was drastically changing.  I went from being a single mother, my whole life working two jobs, living paycheck to paycheck, in an abusive relationship and didn't know where my life was going. Something drew me to Amy.  She made me feel comfortable and felt the need to reach out to her for guidance. Amy gave me insight onto a lot of things that had been struggling and things that I didn't even know about. She left me at peace  within. Amy has a calmness about her that just makes you feel at ease . I have shared some of my deepest fears and darkest secrets to Amy with confidence and trust .The direction that she gave me was 100% accurate . Amy has a loving relationship with God and I come from a very strong Christian background .I was able to share my love for God with Amy and she was able to share her love for God with me.  Amy's love for life comes from the love she has for everything she does. It just goes to show you I have not seen Amy face-to-face and over 25 years but I was able to pick up a phone conversation with her and talk to her for hours. I felt like I've spoken to her every day for 25 years . Sometimes in life we all need someone that's non-bias to give us direction and give us insight on our life and comfort .Amy was that person for me.!

jenn murphy.jpg

Maine, USA

Jenn Murphy

My coworker and good friend Beth raved about how awesome Amy was and I must say she was right I always wanted to connect with a loved ones who have passed, but sometimes I'm simply just looking for a little guidance or validation. I have gained a sense of comfort and have walked away from each of my reading with a me feeling closer to my loved ones who have passed. Amy has a gift and I am so thankful she is willing to share it. She told me I was pregnant before I even knew I was and she felt a baby girl energy. Amy told me she was sensing two weeks or two months. 2 weeks later I took a test ( I was not even late) and I was pregnant! Can you say Goosebumps!!
When I first met Amy instantly felt a calmness come over me. I felt comfortable and it peace of course. I  HIGHLY recommend amy.  I tell anyone and everyone she is simply the best if you want a powerful experience to change your life, She is your girl. This reminds me I need another group reading soon!


Maine, USA

Sarah Stewart

I have worked as a massage therapist for 16 years and asa chiropractic assistant currently continuing my Reiki training with Amy. Timing is everything! Amy and I met through massage and she had scheduled one with me at the exact time that I was deciding to begin my Reiki journey and vioa, the connection was made! I had a tug at my heart to be a part of something bigger than myself I enjoy helping people and really felt the need to give back on a much deeper level than just the physical aspect. I have just received my Reiki II practitioner certification from Amy and look forward to the rest of my journey with her wherever it may go. I have also received an enormous sense of purpose thanks to her and the Purple Iris Foundation who graciously invited me to participate in their Pound the Pavement 5K race for Pancreatic cancer for the last 2 years. Talk about great energy ! I feel blessed to be a part of such amazing network of people. Having worked with Amy I have gained a vast knowledge of how and where I am fitting in with my gifts and have acquired more tools to personally assist me in leading a happier life not only with others but for myself as well.  Amy is the type of person you automatically want to be near and get to know her energy is engaging welcoming and transformative. I cannot wait to begin my next lesson or adventure with her. Thanks Amy for shifting me in the right direction and lighting my path along the way.
I highly recommend Amy to anyone who is seeking change, closure, guidance, kindness, love or just to help reconnect with themselves.
She is a bright vibrant light in this dark world we make we currently live in doing her part to better the world one human being at a time!


Maine, USA

Deb Cowallis

Ok, so here is the thing as my daughter says.... (taking initiative from her I will share) I woke this morning feeling like the weight of the world was literally weighing on me. Sinus headache, body aches and the stress of a "to do list" all piled on. I called and asked for an appointment for Ionic Foot bath Detox. What an incredible experience. Having done this procedure before I certainly know the benefits, but the feeling after all that sludge is out of my body still amazes me. Every time, it is such a relief. Make an appointment give it a try. How many of us have put our feet in a bucket of water and epsom salt at least once in our lives to release stress and tired aches. The feet have two thousand pores, this process pulls toxins out and the feeling is incredible. Take the chance and feel better. I still have the to do list to tackle but at least now I feel like doing it. Thanks Amy


Maine, USA

Roxanne Noddin

We love having Amy come to Generations Boutique & Art Studio to do the Psychic Medium Paint and Sips! Looking forward to planning the next one!


Maine, USA

Robin Woodard

I met Amy in 2012 when I decided to take the plunge and see a psychic I was sceptical in that one person could actually see into my life. After 5 minutes into my reading I knew Amy was for real. She talked of my son who had just entered the military and his beautiful young lady he was dating. Amy told me my Grandmother who has been gone for many many years is my spirit guide ( making me realize I had truely made my grandmother work hard all these years).
Amy can see living and past people which surprised me but made it nice to hear Amy tell of my sons future in the military which so much has played out. Especially with my son and his girlfriend, Amy specified there was a ring he was planning on giving his girl for Christmas, I said yes she said just know that this ring will be giving with more meaning then a promise ring. I said wait she's only 16 please don't say he's going to ask her to marry him. ( Don't get me wrong I loved this girl from the moment I met her but 16 and him only 18 I didn't want to see either of their hearts broken. They had only dated one month before he left for basic training) Amy reassured me that he wanted more but wasn't going to fast. At Christmas 2012 he gave her that ring that Amy described to a tee to a very happy young lady.
Through my talking and bragging about Amy my son and his girlfriend got in touch with Amy and his girlfriend had a family reading. Amy did what she does and read them all, my son's girlfriend started a friendship with Amy. Back to my life, my son and his girlfriend are now going on three years of marriage his now wife is my beautiful daughter in law and she and Amy are great friends, Amy saw an ability in her and took the time to help my daughter in law find her way to becoming a Reiki master and a confidence in herself that makes my heart melt. As for me Amy gave me some very personal insight in my own life that helps me smile everyday and to know that I'm am being watched over as well as my son is by his spirit guide his grandmother on his Dad's side. Along with all the other family members that have passed that brought a little bit of themselves into my reading. One piece of advice when you have a reading bring a pen and paper because 5 yrs. later I'm still finding validation in the many things we talked about.



Maine, USA

Basant Galal Paradis

Amy is amazing and very gifted! I love all that she does!

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